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An Easy Guide of Car Audio System Upgrade

Written by the Merchandise Development Team
Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 13:30

The car audio products are not just consumer goods, but it also reflects the personality and taste of an individual. People that drive fancy cars do not necessarily have a high enough music tastes and preferences, nor have the ability to appreciate the beauty of the music. However, for those music enthusiasts, they have higher requirements for the music and enjoy the passion of music. The investment in the car audio system upgrade is also generous to these people.

When talking about the car audio, the most popular topic is about the modification or upgrade on the car stereo system. The very fist step of the car radio system upgrade is to choose a head unit, replacing the cassette with CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, etc. There are not many skills or technology on the head unit selection, but mainly focusing on the product quality and the preferences of the users, and the head unit can be installed in any store of car parts.

After the selection of a head unit, the second step is the modification or upgrade of the whole post-level system, including speakers, amplifiers, etc. In terms of the whole car stereo system, the overall sound performance is mainly affected by the extent of the speakers. Facing with strong sound pressure and dynamic music, the output of the original speakers will be distorted. The selection of high-quality speakers for your car that fits for your music listening habits and tastes is the critical step to improve your car radio system. You can save money on other components of a car radio system, but cannot save too much money on the speakers. This is because that the speakers are the final stage of the system output, by which the electrical energy is turned into sound energy. The performance of the sound quality of the speakers is almost half of all the elements.

The speakers have their own styles. A speaker is a sound equipment. You should not doubt about it. Any electrical product has the common specifications for reference. There is no exception for the speakers. However, the output quality of a speaker can be judged by its specifications. For example, some speakers pay attention to the music, emphasizing clarity and layering; while others emphasize on the performance of dynamic, strong bass and rock music. Therefore, we should listen and compare before making a decision.

In the current market, the following brands of quality and style are recommended for a car stereo.

The first one is the USA Rockford speaker. It is particularly suitable for the performance of rock music and pop music. The bass reproduction of it has thick, strong and dynamic music skills. Another US brand of Lightningaudio is of the similar style. The US brand of Boston is of the different style. All these brands are world-renowned brands, the music taste and speakers of which are very beautiful, with high definition and delicate features, suitable for lyrical soft track and vocal interpretation.

The car speakers are usually divided into a speaker package or a separate speaker, coaxial speakers and subwoofers, etc. The coaxial speakers are generally of low cost and easy to drive, but the original car audio and video positioning and sound are very sharp, and the audio output is not perfect. Therefore, a good sound system is recommended to adopt a speaker package. The speaker package is a body-separate design of all sound ranges, and uses a crossover for the frequency set. The output quality is generally better by such design. Furthermore, the installation position can be adjusted according to the needs of different types of vehicles and audio-visual orientation, and can be easier to get a good sound field localization effect.

The size of the speakers will determine the level of frequency. If you want to get a natural and lively bass performance, a larger size of the subwoofer is the only means to complete the full band. Of course, the greater the speakers the more power they need from the power amplifier.

After the selection of speakers, the next step is the careful selection of the power amplifier of the car stereo system. Besides the output power, the primary point of choosing a power amplifier is the sound characteristics, followed by the heat dissipation and stability. The power amplifier is with a high technological content. It is recommended that the selection is supposed to focus on well known brands, such as the US Rockford amplifiers, which is a leading manufacturing in this filed. The products are in leading position in the world with good quality.

After all components are chosen, the installation becomes the core setup. For the whole auto radio system design and the production process, the equipments are only semi-finished products, and installation is the next process. Because the entire car radio system will be influenced by the wiring selection, the direction of the wire, the equipment installation skills and position, as well as experience of the technicians. Therefore, car owners should carefully choose the correct professionals to install and upgrade the car stereo system, which is very important.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 22:30