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Car Audio Group - Original Car Stereo Supplier in China

Your Low Cost Original Car Audio Sourcing Solution for wholesale and retail

Car Audio Group is a specialized wholesale car audio supplier in China to provide genuine car parts and original auto radio products (the factory-installed music systems) for global clients. We supply original car radio products of most car manufacturers. All our products are genuine car parts from new cars, and are ready for wholesale and retail.

How to trade with us?

We hope to build long-term business partnerships with all our customers.

1. For the trading companies and the bigger distributors.

The trading companies and bigger distributors can buy huge quantity of car radio products from us at competitive prices. The order is recommended to be arranged by ocean shipping, which can greatly reduce the transit cost. The order can also be shipped by the express delivery (like DHL) as per the customer’ request. The customers may need the ability to do the local importing customs clearance, or hire a shipping agent to do so.

2. For the wholesalers.

The wholesalers can buy smaller quantity of the products from us at competitive prices. A recommended minimum order quantity is 20-piece for each order. The 20 pieces can be mixed with different models. For example, the customers can buy 5 pieces of Model-A, 2 pieces of Model-B, 1 piece of Model C and 12 pieces of Model-D to make an order. The order is normally arranged by the express delivery (like DHL). Such shipping arrangement can help a wholesaler to reduce the inventory cost and shorten the order lead time. The wholesaler can hire a broker to do the local importing customs clearance if needed.

3. For the individual customer of a retail trade.

The individual customer can buy 1 or several pieces of the products from us at the retail prices. The order will be shipped by the express delivery (like DHL). A big problem for the retail trade is the high international shipping cost.

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Difficult to find a suitable car radio / car stereo?

Simply LEAVE US AN ENQUIRY and let our technicians filter out a product to match your requirements and satisfaction!
For a quick view on all car radio products, simply click the PRODUCTS AT A GLANCE. It enables you to reach detailed information on original auto radio.

You may also search a product by MANUFACTURER CATEGORIES for a wholsesale car audio.

We are glad to provide detailed information on wholesale car audio products. Simply CONTACT US and let us support you with cutting-edge technology and price competition.